Lemons of Love with Jill Swanson

Matt and Pat chat with Jill Swanson from Lemons of Love and F.A.S.T. Cooling.  Jill has been around the motorsports paddocks for decades and has some great stories about introducing her company’s technology to NASCAR, off-road, and sports car racing.  After a battle with cancer, she started Lemons of Love, a non-profit providing care packages […]

Garage Chat with Pat and Matt

No interview tonight, just some good old fashioned garage chat with Pat and Matt.  Pat’s done a ton of work on the e36 Lemons Project, and Matt’s ready to get back on track after a short stint in real estate jail.  Like and subscribe and rate and review and check us out on threads. 

K-Swapped 911 with Thomas Hawley

Matt and Nate chat with Thomas Hawley about his wildly successful racing career in the COMMA series at Hallett and his new project, a Honda k24 turbo powered Porsche 997.   Tune in to hear all about this wild project.  I think you’ll enjoy.  Subscribe and rate and review and buy a t-shirt. https://racershq.square.site/s/shop Check out Thomas’s […]

Hacking the Comms at Hallett

Matt chats with returning guest Dave Mulvey about all the fun stuff you can do with radio communications at the race track and his bitchin’ TV van.   Check out Dave at https://www.instagram.com/k5dcm.radio/ Buy one of the t-shirts he designed at https://racershq.square.site/s/shop Come say hi this Sunday at Hallett’s NASA race. 

Old School SCCA with Michael Elliott

Matt and Nate interview Michael Elliott and where we explore how much things have changed since he started racing with the SCCA in the 1970’s.  He’s got some cool stories about racing Formula Vee’s around old tracks like the Ponca City.  Like and subscribe. Rate and review. 

Karting with Spencer Elliott

Matt and Nate chat with our old pal Spencer Elliott about his transition from autocross and road racing to karting.  He’s got lots of great insight about choosing the right league, finding the right kart for your region, and navigating the expenses of motorsports.  Like and subscribe and rate and review and stuff. 


Pat has a valuable hot take on flag and corner workers during an endurance race.  Nate loves endurance racing with his buds so much that he’s considering an exit from Spec Miata. Matt rants about the use of “safety” measures to make pro racing entertaining.  Like and subscribe and rate and review.