Author: Matt Murphy

Episode 93: NASA ST6 Houston 2023 with Hunter Biederman

Matt, Pat and Nate chat with Hunter Biederman of .08 Motorsports about the 2023 NASA Texas season opener at MSR Houston.  We talk about turning a perfectly good Spec Miata into a competitive ST6 car, opposition research, the big wreck, and much more.

Episode 92: Daytona 24 Preview

Join co-hosts Nathan Adler and Pat Mulry for all the hype as the pod brings its first racing season preview. This time it’s sports car racing in advance of the 24 hours is Daytona, but the next one might just be tractor pulling spring training. Listen to the very end for bold predictions so that […]

Episode 88: SCCA Solo Nationals with Pax Rolfe

Matt and Nate chat with long time friend and autocrosser, Pax Rolfe, about his adventures at the 2022 SCCA Solo Nationals.  He’s got some great insight into the commitment it takes to trophy at this highly competitive event.  In other news, Nate’s super excited about It’s a great free tool for analyzing iRacing data and comparing […]